➔ Summer at Last

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The school year is coming to an end

Grades are done, working on printing the report cards, going on excusions in and around Berlin.

Tasks for upcoming year. Working on maths LK pages, adding HL analysis pages and physics Profilkurs.

I will also have to start writing some biology pages for grade 7.

➔ After the Easter Break

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maths 9

In maths 9 we are finishing off the topic of quadratic function and equation. We still need to look at

  • some simple applications.
  • finding the line of symmetry
  • practicing finding the zeroes
  • perhaps use the vertex to find the heighest /lowest point

  • quadratic equation and

  • quadratic function.

maths 10

in grade 10, we will move on to probability.

physics 9

We will continue on energy. Now, looking at calculations of

  • potential energy
  • kinetic energy

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