adding emojis 🍂 Autumn leaves 🍂 Working on adding emojis to liven things up. Not all emojis work on all browsers.

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coding workshop



To start coding you will need an editor you are comfortable with. There are many different ones available. What is important at the beginning is that it highlights your code depending on the syntax.

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22.09.2019 While looking at applications for jsxgraph, I stumbled across this wonderful project: There are some nice interactive pages.

03.09.2019 Link to a site with many exercises at all levels For LK-Ma and gk-ma I found a useful site with many exercises including solutions. It is worth looking at.


26.08.2019 I have been working on adding the definitions of derivatives and deriving by first principal. Also, I have added a page with a table of ableitungen listing some common derivatives as seen in the “Formelsammlung”. Going on tags in the menu allows you to find the relevant pages on a topic.


25.08.2019 The square roots section in maths 9 has been updated.

External files - GeoGebra, javascript


Geogebra files placed within content are loaded. Now, I need to work on the size of the content within the container.

To embed an external file, save the javascript in a file within the content folder and load it as follows

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